Feb 9, 2010

Drag and Drop MS Outlookk Emails into a SharePoint Library

If you need to manually store emails in a MOSS or WSS library, you can drag and Drop items from your MS Outlook. Just open the document library with Windows Explorer from the Actions tab. Once opened, you can drag and drop into it Windows items (files) as well as MS Outlook emails. The emails are stored as MSG type files.

If you try dragging Outlook Express items (EML type) you will get an error message.

An alternate way is to define the library to support imcoming mails (there are many articles on teh subject). This enable storing EML files but in order to open them you first need to save the file in your hard drive.

Feb 3, 2010

Hiding SharePoint Library or List Items from the Search Results Page

Sometimes it makes no sense to show a list's content in WSS or MOSS search results. To hide the list or library you access the Setting / Library or List settings / Advanced Settings page and change the Search attribute to No.

However, be aware that new items won't appear in the search but existing items will continue showing in the search results. To completely clean the list or library you need to run a full crawl. This is done in the central administration area.